Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crocodile's Smile

Notes from a shamanic journey...

Into the Belly of the Beast ~

I remember viscerally the experience of being in the swamp, moving through dark waters, being snatched and eaten, clamped in the jaws of a crocodile, and entering a different dimension. Thrust through the threshold of life into death and beyond. There was no fear, just a willingness and a curiosity to learn what lay beyond. Being chewed and swallowed and discovering the energy, the wonder, of being without a body ~ only spirit.

And then the delightful, joyful feeling of weightlessness, immateriality ~ zipping across time and space instantly in a flash of light ~ still a mental and spiritual presence without the hindrance of a body and all of its attendant needs. Joining with my lover's spirit in a dazzling dance of pure, intermingling intimacy, like a vortex.

We here on earth are so heavy, so close to the ground, so preoccupied with all of our basic material needs, dragging our feet through the mud. But once we are free from the body, this is true egolessness, pure presence. Nothing to worry about / nothing to sustain. No ego or sense of "self" whatsoever. Utterly free, moving through galaxies and dimensions, a bodhisattva in space, acting only in compassion, perceiving and attending to those in need ~ there is no self to get in the way.