Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spiral Luminosity

Spiral. Shifting. Spinning. Energy of a hurricane, flowing outward and outward until it spins off into another plane, never to be seen again ~ out into untold universes, traveling to places we could never possibly imagine, across vast horizons, stretches of time and vistas that we could only know in dreams or telescopic photographs from deep space, otherworldly and beautiful but also cold and unknown. Perhaps those spaces are not so much "out there," foreign and distant, but places within our own hearts, so covered-over and protected that we no longer recognize them, so that we have become strangers to ourselves. Sometimes all we need is a reminder ~ a serendipity or coincidence that jolts us into a faint recognition, a near-forgotten memory ~ oh, yes, that is myself, and myself is no different from any other ~ we are all inextricably interconnected, but sometimes we forget...

Photo and stained glass by Melinda Rothouse.